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About Bewitchingbee Magical Supply, LLC

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light,  not our darkness that most frightens us."    

                                                                    Marianne Williamson

Bewitchingbee Magical Supply, LLC is basically a one person magical supply manufacturer (me!). My mission is to create magical supplies that are affordable, beautiful, and helpful to a great number of people.  Bewitchingbee's products are made from authentic aromatic roots, herbs, blossoms, spices, and essentials. .All of the mojo's, poppets, oils, powders, baths & waters that I offer are hand crafted, cleansed, blessed, prayed over, and charged- each one dedicated to the desires and needs of my customers. For most of my oils, I add roots, herbs and minerals to the individual bottle, so if you order Lucky Lodestone, or High John the Conqueror, you will be able to see that the bottle of oil you hold is the real thing, not a dyed mineral oil that holds nothing of magical substance within it.  The Lodestone Oil will have actual lodestone in it, and the High John the Conqueror Oil will contain authentic pieces of High John the Conqueror root. Please keep in mind that my "turn-around time" might be a little longer than a mainstream, commercial company when ordering products from me. If you will need your supplies by a certain date, say for a Court Case, or some other urgent matter, please indicate this in the space allowed for comments when you order.

To bring you the best magical supplies, all of my hand blended products also contain real ingredients that correlate to the magical and spiritual integrity of the formula. This holds true for my powders, waters, and all of the other hand made Bewitchingbee products. I make quality products using authentic roots, herbs, & minerals, drawing from a variety of magical traditions, not just colored water, or imitation oils.
Bewitchingbee is a witch run business, intended to be a source of creativity for magical crafting, connection to others, and as a source of spiritual development. I am very grateful to the following magical people & teachers who have influenced me greatly- Sue Compton a wonderful teacher & Founder of Palmistry International, my teacher cat yronwode of Lucky Mojo for her outstanding Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course and excellent products, and of course Harry M. Hyatt & the influence of his books: Folklore from Adams County Illinois, & the 5 volume opus- Hoodoo, Conjuration, Witchcraft, & Rootwork, containing the many magical, cultural gems obtained in the interviews (most taking place in the 1930's) with the mostly anonymous interviewees:  German, Irish, and especially the 1,600 African American informants that interviewed with him.  Z. Budapest founder of Dianic craft, all the wonderfully gifted people that I have worked with : the rootworkers, mediums, energy healers, tarot card readers, palm readers, ghost hunters, magical friends- Sandy Goronja, and Carolyn Thoreau, and especially my husband John Voith who spent many hours, and continues to spend many hours helping to create and update this website.

I would like to welcome our new customers and extend a heartfelt thanks for your patronage.

If you have any questions regarding spell casting, or other magical activities, feel free to contact me anytime via email: deborah@bewitchingbee.com.

About "Bewitchingbee"   Bewitchingbee" is a term of endearment bestowed upon me many years ago by a local fellow poet- Bob "Smoke".  In the past, when I read in public, I often used the tag-name  "The Bee", which is the Hebrew translation of the meaning of my name "Deborah".  Because of my magical practice, Bob started calling me Bewitchingbee, and it stuck.  Years later "Bewitchingbee Magical Supply" was born.