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Bewitchingbee's Hand Blended Oils are broken into the groups listed below. Please select the appropriate group for your needs and click on the link to display the list of available oils.

Control & Command- These are all traditional hoodoo formulas from Boss Fix to Essence of Bend Over.

Cursing & Hexing- Powerful Crossing, Jinxing, Cursing, and Hexing blends.  Bewitchingbee's  HEX_BREAKER-UNCROSSING is an traditional formula used by old-time root doctors

Good Luck- Extra strength luck drawing formulas for increased luck with love, money, health, & success

Healing- Remove psychic obstacles and enhance your natural healing abilities.

Love & Seduction- Sweet & Slow, or Hot & Fast, these sweet smelling formulas intensifies over-all luck @ love, sex, and matters of the heart.

Mystic & Spiritual- Formulas for increasing mystic wisdom & psychic vision. We hand blend everything from Abramelin oil to Seven African Powers Oil.

Prosperity & Success- These traditional hoodoo blends work like a magnet, drawing prosperity & success in work, school, business, or games of chance.

Protection & Banishing- Conjure formulas for hot footing evil persons, cleansing negativity, and guarding the home and individual from the harmful and malicious tricks of others.

Astrological Oils: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Each of these oils has a unique essence using the herbs and pure oils that vibrate with the signature energy of each astrological sign. For use when you are trying to work with, or enhance the magical corelations of a specific zodiac sign.

Chakra Oils: Chakra is a Hindu word that means "wheel of fire". Traditionally, there are seven major chakras. The living body is surrounded by what is called an aura. The aura is made up of various types of energy that surrounds the physical body. The chakras are whirling vortexes of energy in the aura and etheric body that suck in universal energy when working properly. These energies of the aura are affected by the external, or universal energy that is everywhere in the cosmos, and these energies are also affected by the internal energies generated by the individual's thoughts, and actions. This aura is much like an electromagnetic field, comparable to the field that surrounds the earth. Sometimes the inner layer of this energy field, (the etheric body), is sick, or depleted. If partially, or completely blocked, a chakra will cause a breakdown in physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health. These oils are made, using herbs and gemstones that are specific to promoting balance, healing unhealthy energy patterns, and opening up blockages in each of these major chakra areas.

Elemental Oils:  The magical elements are the building blocks of all natural magic. Use the elements to establish a balance between yourself and nature, especially in circle magic.

Planetary Oils: These oils are hand blended with all natural herbs and essences that are associated with the particular qualities and energies of each planet.