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Healing Oil : This amazing formula is not intended to be used instead of customary medical treatment, but rather in conjunction with medical treatment to increase the healing ability of your body, mind, and spirit. Just like all of our other hand-blended Bewitchingbee botanicals, this product contains authentic roots, herbs, and essential oils, there are no synthetic dyes, or artificial ingredients. Healing oil can be a wonderful gift to yourself, or somebody else. This special formula is made with seven magical herbs that are reputed to work with and increase the body's natural healing energies. For any illness, always consult a physician first. (Also comes in a Bath Salt).  

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Road Opener oil: This oil is a powerful magical and spiritual aid. This formula is used as an aid to remove the past blockages or psychic obstacles that are holding you back. This formula is intended to use when you are  unable to let go and move on. In a process of letting go and opening the door to a brighter tomorrow, there may be internal conflicts from the past or present, that need to be cleared away. Use Road Opener to anoint oneself, to feed a mojo, or to dress a candle, to clear the way to a better future.

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