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Palmistry Lesson 3







1) The Earth Hand

The Earth hand is known as the "Practical Hand.." This person will have a short or square palm, and short fingers. The lines of the palm are usually few and deeply etched.

Earth is associated with personalities that are sensible and hardworking. This is a conventional person who is willing pitch in and help others. They place work before play. Nature loving, they are self disciplined and reliable. On the negative side, this person can be authoritarian and rigid, especially if Earth is coupled with a firm consistency to the hand and a course hand texture.

2) The Air Hand

The Air Hand is known as the "Intellectual Hand". This person will have a short or square palm with long fingers. The lines of the palm are usually few, fine, clear lines.

Air is associated with a very active mentality. Clever, curious, and analytical, this person processes information in a systematic manner, and is usually skillful in writing and other forms of communication. The Air personality craves variety and change. On the negative end, this person can be emotionally controlled, and can be perceived as cool, lacking empathy.

3) The Fire Hand

The Fire Hand is known as the "Instinctive Hand". This person will have a long, or rectangular palm with comparatively short fingers. The lines of the palm are usually several well defined, strong lines.

Fire is associated with dynamic personalities. Passionate and adventurous, this person is usually a risk taker. Enthusiastic and optimistic, they are usually physically active, and on the go. Often athletes possess this type of hand. Creative and extroverted, the Fire Hand does not mind being in the spot light.
On the negative end, this person is more susceptible to injuries and accidents. Fire can be prone to stress and burn-out. These personalities can also be over-emotional, and demanding. (Like me!)

4) The Water hand

The Water Hand is known as the Sensitive Hand. This person will have a long, or rectangular palm accompanied by long fingers. The lines of the palm are usually covered with many fine, spidery lines.

Water is associated with creativity and intuition. This person will tend toward emotion based reasoning. Psychic, artistic, and sympathetic are terms that have been used to describe this
personality who bears a rich inner life. A good friend, this person will be caring with a sense of justice. On the negative end, this person tends to procrastinate, can be overly self-critical, and emotionally vulnerable. They usually dislike competition and have trouble coping with opposition.

Most people will be a combination, rather than just one pure element. For example, I am a combination Water and Fire. My mentor Sue Compton tells me that this is not so unusual, especially for women. I have the basic hand and finger shape of Fire. I also have several well defined lines on my palms. I also have many fine spidery lines on my hands like Water. The many fine lines can also indicate stress. This probably fits with somebody like me. I'm a little neurotic, and I tend to burn the candle at both ends. I'm trying to manage my stress better. If I'm successful, there should be less fine lines covering my palms in the future.

You might be wondering, how can you tell if your fingers, and palms are long or short? First, get a ruler out and measure your palm. A short palm will be wider than it is long. A long palm, longer than it is wide.

Now measure your middle finger from it's tip down to the crease, where it joins the palm. A perfect balance would be a middle finger that measure three-quarter's of the length of the palm. Anything shorter, is short. Anything longer, is long.


Study your own hand. What element do you see? Sometimes people will be one pure elemental type, but most people are a combination of a couple elements.