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Palmistry Lesson 4






No two hands are alike. Not even your own. At first glance, they may appear to be the same but upon closer inspection it becomes clear that the lines may vary quite noticeably. Lines can be longer, shorter, straighter or more curved. Sometimes you might find a line in one hand that is totally absent in the other. The quality of the lines may be quite different too, perhaps the life line is broken in one hand, but perfectly formed in the other.

Research has led palmists to the conclusion that the active hand (the active hand is the dominant hand that is used to write with), reveals the individual in their present condition. This hand reveals what you are actually doing with your life at this present time. It also reveals events that have affected you in the past and which have left an impression on you. According to the path or course that you are on at this present time, and allowing for current behavior patterns, the active hand will also present future possibilities, should you continue on this present course. When events are marked out within the lines of your active hand, there is a high probability of such a possible future event taking place. However, the future is not totally guaranteed, you can change your behavior patterns, adopt a different way of thinking, and if you do this, a possible future event may well disappear.

The lines of the passive hand (that is the weaker hand, not used for writing with), reveals the inherited traits of your character and the earlier stages of your life. These lines mark your inner, hidden potential. Here is revealed those aspects of your character that are at your disposal should you need to use them. If any future events are found marked in the passive hand, these indicate possibilities only and can be changed or altered by the use of free will. This will be revealed by alterations in the formation of the lines in the active hand.

Sue Compton of Palmistry International tells us:  However, if an event marking is seen in both hands, then the chances of that event taking place is that much higher.


Frank Clifford in Palmistry 4 Today has a list of qualities associated with each hand:

The Left Hand Reveals:

* Our inner self; resources, drives and tensions

   our current psychological state, our personal life.

* The reflective side of our character; our private

   self and inner psychology

* Innate abilities; aspirations, potential and our

   inherited predispositions and talents

* The subconscious self

* Deeper seated emotions and views of life and

   love based upon our experience

*It registers the events that effect us



 The Right Hand Reveals:

* Our public self and drives; how we interact

  with the outside world and in relationships

  with others

* The side of our character we show others

*Abilities and talents demonstrated to the outside

  world; our potential currently being actively

  developed in the outside world

* The conscious self

* Currents views of life and love based upon

   our experiences

*  It registers the events that affect how we

   continue to function in the outer world


Left Hand= private/ psychological/ passive side

Right Hand= relationship/ public/ active side


Left Hands are linked to intuition, emotion, memory, music, imagination and the creative urge, controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain.

Right Hands are linked to language, science, business, calculation, and the rational, controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain.

He also mentions that new markings on the left hand record our emotional and psychological reactions- even if the actual events are not of a personal nature. New markings on the right hand record tangible changes in any area of life- those that are a direct result of our relationships and interactions.

An example he gives is:

"A new job may require that we speak in public, the thought of which may terrify us. If we have the courage to take on the new role, the building of confidence necessary to perform will be shown in the left hand, whilst the right hand will record the job change and any kudos it brings."

Perhaps then the left hand is who we truly are and not just the public mask we show others, demonstrated with those we trust, live with, or have grown up with. He believes that the left hand provides an inside track to our true self.

In his book, he suggest a test for discovering the ruling hand, as mentioned by Peter West.

Interweave your fingers and thumbs. When the left thumb comes out on top, the left hand is the dominant regardless of whether you are left or right handed. When the right thumb comes out on top, the right hand is dominant.

What does that reveal about you?

If the left hand comes out as the ruling hand, you are creative and instinctive by nature. If the right hand is the ruling hand, you tend to have a rational, orderly mentality.

Most palm readers, (I'm guilty of this at times), tend to concentrate on reading only the Active hand. It is essential to read both hands, as each hand reveals a particular side of our character- such as - masculine/ feminine,  active/ passive, conscious/ unconscious. Each hand has an alliance with certain brain functions, and represent a part of our life, regardless of whether we are left or right handed.  




Study both of your hands. If possible make prints of both of your hands. Note any differences in the shapes and lines of each hand.

Is there any differences in the Life lines?  Is there any difference in the Head lines? How about the Heart line? Record the differences in each of these major lines.