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Palmistry Lesson 5





Location : The Life Line begins at the edge of the palm between the thumb and index finger, or Jupiter finger. It sweeps it's way down, curving around the mount of Venus toward the wrist.

What it represents :

The Life Line basically symbolizes the quality of life in terms of physical well-being. It represent the quality of the nervous system and a person's basic physical constitution, such as stamina, vitality, and general immunity. Contrary to the old myth, the length has nothing to do with how long a person is going to live. A strong, and deeply etched Life Line generally translates into a strong nervous system and healthy physical constitution.

Some Variations :
Since the Life Line curves around the perimeter of the Venus mount (the fleshy area under the base of your thumb), the sweep of the Life Line reveals qualities in your personality. A Life Line that tightly hugs the thumb, swinging narrow as it goes around the Venus mount, indicates a less developed Venus mount, thus less developed Venusian qualities.

A wide sweeping Life Line that swings wide, covering approximately one third or greater of the palmer surface, indicates a well developed Venus mount, and well developed qualities of this mount. Some of the Venus qualities are: warmth, endurance, sympathy, adventure, and passion. This person will want to make the most of their experiences and broaden their horizons.
A Life Line that curves inward clinging to the base of the thumb, often indicates a strong pull or tie to what one knows. This person may travel away, but will always be happy to return home.
When the end of the Life Line curves with the end reaching out into the palm, into the lower, non-thumb side of the hand, or the Lunar Mount, (Luna is associated with travel and the sea.), this reflects a person with less ties, one who is more drawn to travel or moving away from the people they grew up with.

Some people have a double Life Line that appears inside, and parallel to the original Life Line, giving it secondary protection. This is sometimes referred to as a Mars line or a sister line. This line can also indicate someone close to you like a spouse or a partner. Some believe that it can indicate someone who has already passed on, but watches over you.


Find the Life line on your hand. Note the length and quality of the line. Do you have a sister line, or Mars line? What does this tell you?