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Palmistry Lesson 6







Location : There are two horizontal creases that lie across the palm. The Head Line is the lower of these two, and it begins on the thumb side of palm, between the thumb and index, or Jupiter finger. The beginning of the Head Line is near, and sometimes connected to the Life Line at it's point of origin.

What it Represents :

The Head Line Represents a person's mental energy, and the intellectual self. The energy running through this line reveals how a person thinks. It expresses concentration, reasoning, learning abilities, memory, and general mental activity. A strong head line will be long, deeply etched, and unbroken, representing a clear thinker with good reasoning abilities.

Some Variations :

A Head Line that begins slightly separated, or briefly joined with the Life Line for a short distance, indicates a well-balanced nature. A wide gap between the beginning of the Head Line, and the Life Line can indicate an independent thinker. Depending on the degree of separation, a more widely spaced gap can indicate someone who is impulsive and is a risk taker.

Where Head Line and Life Line are entwined at the beginning point, this usually indicates strong family influence. However, the longer the distance of entwinement, the greater the degree of restriction early in life. This can also indicate a lack of confidence and independence.

A gentle downward curve of the Head Line signifies a balance between the characteristics of the practical and imagination.

A deeply sloped downward curve implies a highly imaginative thinker that has a great need to direct their energy toward a creative outlet. Artists, poets, and writers function well with this curve. However, if the head line penetrates very deeply into this area of the hand representing the subconscious, there is an increased risk of reality becoming blurred.
A split, or a fork at the end of the Head line is sometimes referred to as a "Writer''s Fork." When present it denotes heightened creative talents. However not all writer's possess this feature and it does not guarantee literary skills.


Simian Line :
Occasionally, the Head and the Heart Lines are fused together as one distinct line running across the palm. This is called the Simian Line, and can be found in a small percentage of normal hands. This can also be a characteristics of chromosomal disorders like Down's Syndrome.
People with the Simian Line tend to be emotionally intense and complex, due to the merging of the heart and mind.


Find the Head line on both of your hands, and note any difference. Where does your head line begin? Where does your head line end? What does this mean?