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Palmistry Lesson 7





Location : The Heart Line is the upper horizontal crease that crosses the palm. Of the two horizontal creases, it is the one closest to the bottom of the fingers. Unlike the Life Line and the Head Line that have their point of origin on the thumb side of the palm, the Heart Line begins on the opposite side of the palm. This line runs in the opposite direction, and it's ending is toward the thumb side of the hand.

What it Represents :
The Heart line represents a person's emotional energy and reveals how they give and receive love. Also, this line represents the individual's personal self-expression, and how they express themselves sexually. The Heart Line reveals a person's balance, or lack of balance, between passion and
The heart line can also provide valuable clues to the physical condition of your heart and blood

vessels. A strong Heart Line will be deeply etched, unbroken, and free of defects. A clear, deeply etched Heart Line signals a warm, generous nature, and confidence in sexual matters.

Some Variations :

If the Heart Line is the most prominent line in the hand, it could mean that this person allows their emotions to govern the other aspects of their life.

A person with a weak Heart Line, or one that is faintly etched, heavily chained, or poorly formed, could be having problems with emotional involvements. This also could indicate possible problems with low energy, and feeling insecure. A chain-like-formation on the Heart Line indicates the effect of stress that can undermine health. A heart line that is heavily chained can mean emotional instability, but this can also indicate an imbalance in the body chemistry, or possible mineral deficiencies.

A Heart Line is considered long if it reaches across the palm to at least past the area beneath the middle, or Saturn finger. Sometimes the Heart Line may stretch nearly all the way across the palm reaching up to the base of the index, or Jupiter finger. In general, the longer this line is, the more the emotions are felt in the nature, this is especially connected to the person's ability to give and receive love, and to have strong affections for others in general.
A short Heart Line, one that does not reach beyond Saturn, reveals someone who is
not overly emotional. This person might find it difficult to give and receive love.
A person's Heart Line can run straight as a ruler, or it may curve upward toward the fingers. The most significant distinction between these two is the difference in the demonstration of emotions.
An upward curve to the Heart Line is associated with, (ooh-la-la) a strong sex drive. Passionate, this person will put a high priority on physical pleasure in an intimate relationship.
The straight Heart Line belongs to the person who takes a more practical approach to relationships, and are slow to commit themselves. This person will think twice, and analyze their feelings before expressing them.
A Heart line that ends in a fork reflects a joyous balance between a heart and head. This person will be able to express their romantic nature, and at the same time be level-headed.

No one line, or quality of the hand can be assessed in isolation. Everything single component must be assessed in relationship to the whole.


Find the Heart line in both of your hands. Notice any differences between the two. Is there any characteristic about your heart line that stands out to you?