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Witchcraft Lesson 5 Working with Energy


How to Ground and Center:

Any psychic work that you do, or emotional upheaval that you experience can make you feel ungrounded. One of the main symptoms experienced when becoming "ungrounded" is feeling spacey, disorganized, or dreamy. Some people may feel anxious, and occasionally ultra-sensitive individuals may experience electrical sensations about the head, arms, or torso. One way to remedy extreme sensations such as these, is to submerge your hands and/ or feet in cool water. If you find yourself feeling ungrounded a lot, you may be a hypersensitive individual. If you are a hypersensitive, I recommend watching the basics- get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet with adequate amounts of protein, exercise on a regular basis, and avoid alcohol and drugs. Another suggestion- if you work with gemstones, avoid quartz crystals, and work with obsidian and hematite instead.

Grounding Exercise:

Grounding is the easiest, but most likely to be overlooked psychic exercise. It entails re-connecting to the Earth, or the ground, where excess energy can be diffused and transformed into usable energy. the psychic grounding process is very similar to the electrical grounding process.

The simplest way to ground is to simply go outside, bend down and touch the bare Earth. Some folks claim to actually feel an actual discharge, or release of energy.

If you prefer, one way to ground yourself is to imagine or visualize a cord of energy traveling from the mid-point of your body down into the center of the Earth. This may also be a good option if you are unable to get outside.  Another way to ground yourself using visualization, is to visualize a beam of light (some people like to use white light, but this light can be any color that feels right to you),  See this beam of light descending down from your spine and into the center of the Earth.

*Note: If you have gone through long periods of time feeling ungrounded, it may take weeks of consistent grounding before you start to feel better, especially if you are particularly sensitive.

Remember, any psychic work that you do, or any emotional stress can have the potential of making you feel ungrounded again. The practice of grounding should become a part of your regular routine as an aid to feeling healthy and balanced.

How to Shield:


How to Raise Energy:


How to Move Energy: