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Witchcraft Lesson 6

Psychic Protection and Shielding Techniques


Why is there a need for such protection? According to Occult wisdom there are many types of dangers in the world. Magic practitioners, among others, believe that there is a spiritual plane of existence. Many times we are equally affected by what happens there as we are by what happens on the physical plane.  The physical and spiritual planes react to each other. If we are weakened on the physical plane, then our astral body will be weakened and vice versa.

If you have concerns about actual physical danger, magic can reinforce conventional safety measures and common sense, but not replace them. The exercises discussed here are for magical protection.  These are methods meant to repel magical dangers.

Some of these dangers consist of:

* Psychic Vampires

* The Evil Eye

* Malicious Spells, Crossing, Jinxes, Hexes, and other magic "tricks" that have been laid down against you.

*Deliberate negative Enchantments cast deliberately by one person against another.

* Other Assorted Spiritual Dangers, deriving from a vast array of deliberate, or inadvertent sources, such as Hag Riding, Spiritual Infestations, and others.

White Light Exercise:

There are a number of variations of this exercise. As you develop, you can make it as complex or as simple as you like. Try to give youself at least ten minutes to do this basic exercise.

1) Begin by doing a relaxation exercise, such as deep breathing using your grounding and centering technique.

2) Visualize a sphere of white light surrounding your body, and see this sphere extend it's protective layer up to arm's length around you. Imagine that surrounding this Sphere of white light is a web of brilliant blue lines.

3) Now visualize one more arm's length of white light beyond the web of brilliant blue, and then a second web of blue surrounding the outer layer.

4) See another outer wall of light, that is now three arms lengths from your body and surrounded with a brilliant blue flame about six inches thick. this is you flame of protection. Some people associate this flame with the  archangel Michael.

5) Bask in this energy surrounding you for a few minutes. When you are ready, visualize this flame and the layers of light fading away from your mind's eye, yet you know that it is still there.

Practice Shielding on a daily basis so that you can bring it to mind whenever you need to. After awhile you might want to adapt or personalize this technique. Change the color of the light. Use what makes you feel safe. Some of you might want to visualize Archangel Michael's fiery sword. Some might prefer visualizing the flaming pentagram for protection, or Hecate's wheel. Practice and see what works best for you.

If you are empathic, you may want to practice this everyday. As you advance, you will be amazed at how quickly you can put your wall of protection into place. Remember that Grounding and Centering along with Psychic Shielding are important to do before certain types of ritual and/ or magical work where you open yourself to influences from the spiritual plane.