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Raising and Sensing Spiritual Energy


This exercise will allow you to physically feel spiritual energy. This energy is a combination of Divine Universal Energy (of which we are all a part of) and your own personal energy that will flow into your hands from the chakra located at your Solar Plexus (above belly button and below bottom edge of sternum).

Some people experience and describe the feeling of holding energy in their hands during this exercise as a weak magnetic repulsion. Sort of like what happens when you take the two positive ends of a magnet, and try to put them together; the two fields of energy offer resistance. Other sensations you may experience is a shift in temperature, or a feeling of "pins and needles" in the palms of your hands. Everyone experiences this exercise somewhat differently.

Once you are able to sense this energy and manipulate it through your will and intent, you have gained a fundamental building block for magical and psychic development.

Before you begin, relax, close your eyes if you wish. You may want to say a personal prayer. Ask your Guides, Teachers, and your Divine Force to assist you in this process.

Begin by doing a relaxation exercise, such as deep breathing using your grounding and centering technique.

1) Take in 3 very deep breaths. As  you inhale, breathe in the white light of Divine Energy. As you exhale, breathe out the grey mist of any anger, tension, or negativity and let it go. Feel a building of energy in the center of your body (Solar Plexus),

2) Hold your hands in front of you, about 3 feet apart with the palms facing each other.  

3) Now, having released and let go of all negative energy, see and feel the positive energy that you've built up in your Solar Plexus flow into your hands. As you exhale, blow into the area of the center space being held between your hands, adding and combining Divine Energy with your own.

4) Relax and be aware of any new information that you receive from your hands. Do not judge the experience, or try to create it. Allow it to happen naturally.

5) Slowly bring you hands together. Notice any sensations. Be aware of any feelings that come in layers or waves of very slight resistance. These are the layers of your personal Aura, or Energy Body. *Note: some people may find that their hands are more sensitive if they briskly rub them together before beginning.

6) When you done, wash your hands, or wipe your hands together to remove any excess energy that you may have picked up during this exercise.