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Witchcraft Lesson 8

Sending or Directing Energy


Creating a Sphere of psychic energy:

Start as you did before in Lesson 7. Hold your hands about 3 feet apart with palms facing each other. Slowly bring your hands closer together. Notice any sensations.

When your hands are about 6 inches apart, imagine or visualize that you are holding a ball or sphere of energy about the size of a baseball. At first this ball will just be an empty shell, but you are filling it with the energy between your hands. Some people see this energy as water, light, or fire. through visualization, you can make this ball of energy into any shape. You can stretch it out like taffy, or compress it into the size of a pea.

Once you have a solid ball of energy floating between your hands, you can literally shape it to any form, and fill it with any intention. This will come easier to some people than to others. Have a very clear intention in your mind. Sometimes it might help to silently say the words in your head. The point is to make sure that your message is very clear.

Psychic energy spheres can be programmed to do just about anything. Common way these Spheres are used are in sending healing, blessings, or for getting someone to call you, This ball of energy can travel great distances to deliver your intentions.

After you have given this Psychic Sphere a shape and filled it with your intention, release it. It should carry out your intentions as soon as you let it go. If you made this sphere just for practice, it should just naturally dissipate.