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Witchcraft Lesson 10

Candle Magic


Henri Gamache used the term "Philosophy of Fire" in his 1942 book "The Master Book of Candle Burning" to describe magical candle burning rituals. In this book he described burning candles or "lights" of various colors to draw in love, luck, or money, for protection from evil, and to wreak revenge, or spiritual justice. Due to Gamache's writings, these candle rituals became popular practice among conjurers and hoodoo rootworkers in the 1940's, and the information contained in the "Master Book of Candle Burning" has been reproduced on some level in just about every other book about Candle Magic that's been written every since. 

The use of candles in magical practice goes back to ancient times, but today because of the prevalence of inexpensive candles, candle magic has become one of the most popular forms of spell casting. Much of the color symbolism in candle magic today has been influenced by European magical traditions, admixed with remnants of African religious symbolism.

Listed below are common color correspondences:

White: Healing, Spiritual blessings

Blue: Peace, Happy home, Healing, Kind Intentions

Green: Gambling and Money Drawing Luck, Fertility, Business Growth

Yellow: prayer, money (gold), attraction, cheerfulness, psychic vision, road opening

Red: Love, sex, and spells of passion

Pink: friendship, attraction, and romance

Purple: Mastery, Power, Ambition, Commanding spells

Orange: psychic vision, road opening, prophetic dreams

Brown:  Court Case spells

Black: repulsion, dark thoughts, sorrow, freedom from evil


Basic Candle Magic Instructions:

1) Choose an appropriate candle. Think about your intention and desires and choose a color and candle size that will work for you. (If working a long-term spell, choose a large candle that will burn over a long period of time. If working a brief spell, choose a small candle that will burn for only a hour or two.)

2) Clean the candle off, wiping it with a bit of Florida Water, or Peace Water. Then knock and seal it. Do this by holding the candle in your left hand, with your right hand make a fist and knock on it three times. This knocks off any energies from previous handlers of the candle and seals your energy in.  Hold the candle in you hands and visualize your desired outcome. Feel the energy of your desire flowing downward, out of your hands and into the candle.               

3) Carve and dress the candle. With a tooth pick, nail, or other sharp pointed tool, carve the name of the target of your spell into the candle. This might be yourself or who ever it is that you are working on. Or you may choose to carve a symbol of your intention, or a sigil onto the side or top of the candle. then choose an appropriate "condition" oil to dress the candle with. This can be anything from "Follow Me Boy!" to "Crown of Success" Oil. You may want to "double dress" the candle with a corresponding powder. These actions personalize the candle and add the power of the natural correspondences of color and plants to your spiritual work. (The herbs, roots and minerals contained in the oils and herbs that are used are inherently powerful themselves adding the potency to your work.)

4) Light the candle and recite any incantation, psalm, or words of power as you gaze into the candle flame. Meditate on your desires as you watch the candle burn. You may let the candle burn until it is out, or snuff out the candle and repeat this step every day until the candle is done.

5) Watch how the candle flame and wax burn. This will give you guidance on your magical work. A flame that burns steady and consistent, indicates good progress of your spell work and likely spell casting success. A sluggish flame that looks like it may go out, or that does go out can indicate obstacles to your work. Also, on a free-standing candle, observe any patterns that appear in the melted wax as a guide to the outcome. Heart shaped patterns frequently indicate things are going well in a Love Spell, mountains, or hills can sometimes indicate obstacles in a Crown of Success Spell.

6) In hoodoo practice, if there is any remaining candle wax, it is disposed of at a Crossroad. This can be accomplished by standing in the middle of the crossroad and tossing the wax over your left shoulder. Sometimes an invocation will be made to "the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost." You should then walk home and not look back.  If this was a spell worked to bring something to you, such as good luck, love, health, or money, then the wax should be tossed to the East in the direction of the Rising Sun. If this was a spell worked to get rid of something or someone, then toss the wax West, in the direction of the Setting Sun.