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Witchcraft Lesson 11

Herb, Root & Mineral Magic

As above- so below, as within- so without.


Doctrine of Signatures:

The Doctrine of Signatures is a spiritual philosophy that has at it's core the simple concept that God has marked everything he had created with a sign. This sign, or "signature" was to be a clear indicator of the item's true purpose as intended by God and is revealed in every plant, mineral, animal, and person.  The Doctrine of Signatures has evolved into a vast system of correspondences that have been used in many ways, by many cultures, for both medical and magical purposes.

There are indications of this theory in the writings of Galen A.D. 131-200, but it was not until later with the publication of Jakob Boehme's  (1574-1624)book in the early 1600's- "Signatura Rerum; The Signature of all Things", that this spiritual philosophy took form. Jakob Boehme was a shoemaker in Goerlitz, Germany. At age 25, Boehme had a profound mystical vision (an "illumination of the mind"), in which he saw clearly saw the relationship between God and man. As a result of this vision Boehme wrote  "Signatura Rerum; The Signature of all Things." Stated in this Doctrine is that by observation of a plant's signatures; such as the shape, color, habits, and other signatures, one can determine what the plants purpose is.

Paracelsus is considered to be the father of modern chemistry, and he did much during his lifetime to advance the Doctrine of Signatures in it's medical application.  The Doctrine continued to be developed and advanced by the Astrologers, Herbalists, and Apothecaries of the Middle Ages. Similar beliefs are held by Herbal workers of Appalacia, Native American, and Oriental cultures. In more recent times, much of spiritual philosophy of the Doctrine is incorporated into magical work of Conjurers, Witches, and  Rootworkers.   

Effective Magical Spells and Formulas can be made by doing proper and thorough research into the herbs, roots and minerals that have been traditionally used in the past, rather than trying to put together ingredients that, to use a New Age term,  "call to you." The best modern resource that you will find for reliable information is cat yronwode's  Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic. (I sell this book in my shop, or you should be able to obtain it online.)

Listed below are some of the Herbs, Roots, & Minerals

listed in cat yronwodes Herbal;  Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic


Physical Health & Strength:                           Money Drawing:                                Love Drawing

Boneset,                                                                          Five-finger Grass                                                  Queen Elizabeth Root

Lifeverlasting                                                                  Lucky Hand Root                                                   Damiana

Golden Seal                                                                          Irish Moss                                                      Southern John Root

                                                                                          Lodestone                                                              Lodestone


Jinxing, Crossing                                       Revenge                                         Blessings

Goofer Dust                                                                       Sulfur                                                                Angelica Root

Jezebel Root                                                                                                                                                Rosemary

Graveyard Dirt                                                                                                                                             Bloodroot


Protection                                             General Good Luck                              Psychic Ability/ Contacting the Dead

Rue                                                                                    Lodestone                                                            Althaea Root

Cat's Eye Shell                                                                    Grains of Paradise                                                Anise

Devil's Shoestrings

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