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Bewitchingbee's Magical Waters

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Angel Water :According to legend, will attract angels, and benevolent spirits. The origin of this formula's name may be derived from those angels who seduced the "daughters of men." One of the ingredients in this charged water is considered sacred to Aphrodite, the love goddess whose name inspired the term "aphrodisiac". This is why in the 16th century, this formula became notorious as an aphrodisiac.

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Chinese Wash: This is one of the most requested products used for spiritual house cleansings. the traditional ingredients used in this product removes the old, stuck conditions and evil messes of foul psychic and spiritual debris that can sometimes get trapped in a home. A certain level of this debris accumulates constantly. Sometimes low-level entities may be attracted to home. Cleanse any area that feels oppressive, creepy, or "just not right." If there is any area or room that has been the scene of violence or intense negativity, or, if you have a room that your dog won't go in, a spiritual cleansing with a traditional formula like Chinese Wash will purify an area and help others to feel at ease. Also, a thorough spiritual cleansing can make a place feel welcoming and make room for more beneficial, helpful spirits. Just put a couple of table spoons of this concentrated cleanser, made with the wonderful aroma of authentic Oriental gums and grasses, into a pail of water and use to scrub down and purify the home.

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Four Thieves Vinegar: The origins of this formula date back to the fifteenth century, in plague-infested Europe. The legend is that there were four thieves ravaging through the ruins, breaking into quarantined houses, and even stealing from the dead. They were caught eventually, and people were outraged, but also captivated. How did these robbers survive, without falling prey to a horrible death from the plague, while they continued to steal over and over again? The thieves were sentenced to death, but they negotiated a trade. They revealed their secret formula for a reprieve, and a speedy exit from town. There is one ingredient for each of the four thieves in the vinegar. The primary purpose of Four Thieves Vinegar is personal protection from disease, and magical attack. It is used in many banishing and commanding spells.

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Peace Water: This formula is used to bring peace to a troubled household. It is used in house blessings, and also in healing and cleansing spells. This formula is said to have originated with the biblical phrase regarding spreading oil over troubled water. Shake well before using. Works well in combination with Blessing oil or powder.

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 Rue water: Rue is a European perennial herb that is used primarily for protection, but also in love spells. In some customs, Rue is placed in a cloth bag and hung above the door for protection against the evil eye. An infusion of Rue can be sprinkled around the home for protection. Rue can also be added to the bath for uncrossing or hex breaking. It is especially used for protection of infants and women. Use as a healing herb during convalescence, and to speed healing.

Do not use Rue if you are pregnant, or trying to get pregnant.

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War Water: This charged water is frequently used for protection. It is reputed to reverse any curses and send it back to where it came from. This a forceful, aggressive cleanser, and can be sprinkled around the home, across the doorway, or in the four corners of a room for protection. You can also place a curse with this charged water. War Water is the original, powerful formula alleged to be used during psychic warfare and in witch wars.

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