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What is magic?  Many folks believe that magic is a universal energy available to all of us, although some people may be more knowledgeable, or naturally talented when it comes to utilizing this energy. I tend to agree with this general premise. There is an inherent energy radiating from the earth and all living things. This magical life form is invisible. You can't see it, or hear it, or touch it. But, much like electricity, you are aware of it's presence by it's effect in your life.

Something to consider is that what is considered alive in magical terms is very different than the usual definition of alive. Most magical practitioners will consider stones and water to be alive with magical energy. Magic or spell-casting is a means of harnessing and directing natural energy. Benevolent, sacred and loving, or angry, heated and vindictive- The resulting powers depends on the spell casters intent. There is a magical tradition originating in virtually every culture on earth no matter how much it's been suppressed. 

The power of magic is contagious.

Successfully casting a couple of spells can be life changing.

People who possess magical power in substantial quantities tend to have magnetic and charismatic personalities. They are filled with life power. Being in their presence is energizing. this person finds the world exciting, with a wealth of possibilities.

At the opposite end of things, there are people who feel constantly drained, seeing nothing but gloom and a world with no choices. These people probably suffer with a serious lack of life power. Most of us probably fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

The power of magic is present all around us, whether or not we tap into it. The practice of magic is the action of harnessing this power. I consider it a spiritual act. As I know it, there are three main steps to the practice of magic: 1) Asking for what you seek 2) Believing you will receive it 3) Receiving it.

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