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Attraction: this irresistible formula works like a magnet, drawing your desires, attracting love, luck, money, business, favors, or friends. Attraction is useful in a wide variety of spells.  If you are working love magic, anoint your body with this sweet smelling oil to draw romance. For money magic, dress the money in your wallet to attract money flowing to you. Attraction can be useful in any spell-work intended to draw what you desire. (Also comes in a powder).

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Blessing: Cleanses negativity. Use to purify and bless the home, yourself, a newborn baby or a new venture in your life. Many use Blessing to help others, sprinkling it around the room of the physically ill, the heartbroken, or one in need of spiritual healing. The oil can be used in candle spells, added to a negativity cleansing bath, or worn as a perfumed oil on the skin. (Also comes in a powder).

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Crown of Success: This old time, traditional hoodoo formula is used in situations where advancement in school, career or business ventures are desired. Crown of Success anointing oil can be used to dress candles, or worn as an empowering scent. The powder can be used for sprinkling on test papers, resumes, and other documents. Soak in Crown of Success Bath Salts before going for an interview, or prior to business dealings. (Also comes in Powder & Bath Salt).

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Fast Luck Oil: The fragrance of this original formula is FANTASTIC. Lightening quick, this is an intense, but short-lived, all-purpose hoodoo formula. It is famous for quick luck in gambling and love matters. Several versions of this formula exist but we blend the identical formula identified by hoodoo folklorist and author, Zora Neale Hurston in her writings that were published in the 1930's.

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Money Drawing: A special herb and mineral blend, this hoodoo formula is the one most often used over the generations for good luck in financial matters. It is popular with gamblers, merchants, business owners, and everyday workers. Money Drawing formula contains authentic, reputable money drawing herbs and minerals. Gamblers rub their hands with this formula before setting out for the night. Sprinkle the powder across the doorway to your business. Dress the cash register, or a candle during spell work, place in your bath water, or wear as a perfumed oil to enhance financial opportunities. (Also comes in a Powder).

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Prosperity Oil: This oil uses herbs, roots and minerals that are traditionally used in drawing abundance in all areas of life. Prosperity Oil is a traditional, original formula originating from an American folk-magic tradition. Use to dress candles placed upon prayer papers, or intent/ petition papers, placed on your altar. Dress a small amount on your wallet, or cash register. Dress the doorknob to the entrance of your place of business. Or wear it on your skin to draw luck and prosperity to you.  (Also comes in a Powder).

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Road Opener oil: This oil is a powerful magical and spiritual aid. This formula is used as an aid to remove the past blockages or psychic obstacles that are holding you back. This formula is intended to use when you are  unable to let go and move on. In a process of letting go and opening the door to a brighter tomorrow, there may be internal conflicts from the past or present, that need to be cleared away. Use Road Opener to anoint oneself, to feed a mojo, or to dress a candle, to clear the way to a better future.

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