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Banishing Oil: Use this oil to drive away and keep away harmful people, bad habits, and unwanted guests. Work with the natural banishing magic of waning moon so that the troublesome person or situation diminishes as the moon grows smaller in size. Get rid of unhealthy influences in your life, such as stress, tension, and negativity. Carve your intent into a black candle, dress it with Banishing oil, and visualize the outcome.

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Blessing: Cleanses negativity. Use to purify and bless the home, yourself, a newborn baby or a new venture in your life. Many use Blessing to help others, sprinkling it around the room of the physically ill, the heartbroken, or one in need of spiritual healing. The oil can be used in candle spells, added to a negativity cleansing bath, or worn as a perfumed oil on the skin. (Also comes in a powder).

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Dragon's Blood: This oil is usually one of the top ten on any witch's or magician's shelf. Dragon's Blood is the resin from an Indonesian tree. A drop or two added to other herbs in spell-work, increases the spell's potency and power. This herb is also a powerful protectant when sprinkled around the house. To keep one's home clear of evil spirits and negative influences, dress a red & black double action candle and burn it completely. This ritual is said to draw in beneficial spirits and reverse a curse back to it's sender. This oil is especially powerful for bringing relief to those experiencing crossed conditions. In conjure work, Dragon's Blood is Frequently used as an uncrossing oil by practitioner's who are working with an extra difficult case.  

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Fiery Wall of Protection : This formula contains authentic herbs and essential oils reputed to prevent, protect, and repel danger. Protection is a spiritual tool to guard the home and the individual from any malicious spells, tricks, hexes, or harmful enchantments that have been deliberately cast your way. Protection creates an aura that  enhances other protective measures. Wear the oil on your skin to dress candles, mojos, or any protective amulet. Use this powder in spell work when casting a magical circle. Place around the home to ward against negative energy. (Also comes in a Powder).

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Guardian Angel Oil:  Your guardian angel is a spirit that has been sent to guide and protect you. Use this oil to increase your conscious contact with your guardian angel. Dress a candle before burning to honor this entity, and use as an aid in magical work.

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Hot Foot Oil: This formula is derived from an old southern hoodoo recipe for getting rid of your enemies. Hot Foot Powder is used to drive someone far away and make them leave you alone. It's origins derive from African magic spells using Foot track magic. There are many ways to use this powder, but the easiest way is to sprinkle it over the troublesome person's foot tracks, or to sprinkle it in an area that you know the person will walk over. (Also comes in a Powder).

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Safe Travel oil: Use this formula for extra protection in your travels or the travels of your loved ones. Dress a candle, put it in a window, and keep it lit during a loved ones journey. Fill a mojo bag with Comfrey root, Basil, and a tiger's eye. Dress the bag with Safe Travel oil and keep it on your person during your trip. Anoint yourself before departing for your journey. Appeal to any angels, spirits, saints, or ancestors by burning a candle dressed with Safe Travel upon your altar.

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Van Van oil: Along with Lucky Lodestone, this is the ultimate in hoodoo condition oils. One of the most versatile and powerful oils, this formula repels any evil intentions directed toward you, while at the same time drawing luck, love, and prosperity. It can be used to dress candles, added to the bath, or floor wash, or just worn as a perfumed oil upon the skin.

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