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Hand analysis is a complex system that has evolved over the ages. Much like the all the bits and pieces that add up to the total person, palmistry is many things. It is scientific, and it is spiritual. It is intuitive and it is systematic. It is an ancient art, and it is a technical study. It is partly folk-lore, and it is awfully revealing, and usually quite accurate. At the bottom of it all, palmistry is empowering, as our hands express who we are.

Palmistry Final Quiz

Here is the chance to test what you've learned. If you would like feedback on your answers from me, send your completed test to me via email . Cut and paste the questions into the body of the email. No attachments please! I will not open them. Also I may consider putting together a comprehensive online palmistry course in the future for basic palmistry certification. Please indicate via email, if you might be interested in something like this in the future.

1) Which hand element type would most likely belong to an artist?

2) Which hand element is associated with a very active mentality?

3) Which hand element is most associated with being a risk taker?

4) Which hand element possesses few, deeply etched lines?

5) What type of lines indicate stress?

6) Which hand reveals the inherited traits of your character?

7) Which hand reveals how we interact with the outside world, and in our relationships with others?

8) Which hand is linked to intuition?

9) What does a deeply etched Life line reveal?

10) What is a Mars line, and what does it represent?

11) What does a wide sweeping Life line indicate?

12) What does a wide gap between the beginning of the Head line and the Life line indicate?

13) What might a deeply sloped downward curve in the Head line indicate?

14) What is a Simian line?  What might it indicate?

15) What might an upward curve to the Heart line indicate?

16) What might a heavily chained Heart line indicate?

17) What does a fork at the end of a Heart line indicate?

18) If the Heart line is the most prominent or deeply etched line in the hand, what might this indicate?